• Access Security
    Stop inappropriate access

Access Security Control Area

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Control Area is designed to protect the organisation's systems from inappropriate access. By cross-checking users against system access, breaches can be detected. Flexible APIs allow Rebasoft to work with other existing IAM systems to close gaps and reduce errors.

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Key questions:

  • How can I ensure that we have the appropriate admin accounts controlled?
  • Do we have all critical systems monitored for admin access?
  • How can I easily see any mismatch in permissions and access?

Rebasoft derives information from the network and is network aware. This means that coverage and anomalies can be easily uncovered. Reporting and remediation from the same, single pane of glass means information for the ā€œCā€ suite and subject matter experts (SMEs) is seamlessly interwoven. This makes security more effective, reducing errors and improving time to recover.