• Single System
    Multiple security applications

Security Control Area Summary

Rebasoft implements six key control areas based upon ISO27001 and NIST best practice, security frameworks. These areas are supported by security control families which are underpinned by many control points and a unique, real-time golden source of data.

From the network infrastructure, to every connected end-point, to every application accessed; Rebasoft can track it all. Working in harmony with other controls to help make them more effective.

Deployment is quick and easy, meaning that time to recoup the benefits is much shorter. Automation reduces errors and requires fewer staff to operate.

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Identify the most critical risks quickly whilst applying the most cost-effective response in priority order. Rebasoft automatically gets live information from the network together with data from your other control systems to build a comprehensive picture of your security posture.

Enterprise class functionality with advanced segregation of duties and multi tenanted, flexible reporting enables information to be made available securely to multiple audiences.

The “C” suite can see summaries and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) built from this live data, whilst subject matter experts can use the underlying detailed information to investigate and analyse issues.