• Infrastructure Security
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Infrastructure Security

Based on ISO27001/NIST security frameworks, Rebasoft delivers extensive capabilities to support processes in the Infrastructure Security (INF) Control Area, reducing risk and cost.

For example, Anti-malware systems rely on installing software on a target system. While Anti-malware software should be deployed where possible, there are two key issues that Rebasoft overcomes:

  1. How can we be sure all systems have the necessary software installed?
  2. How can we better defend against zero-day threats and malware – such as wannacry?
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Key questions:

  • Are there any gaps in our malware defences?
  • How can I ensure all systems connected to the network are assessed for vulnerabilities?
  • How can I protect critical systems when I cannot install anti-malware software?
  • Is there a defence against zero-day attacks?

Rebasoft’s ISM Control area provides a foundation to real-time discovery helping ensure coverage of INF anti-malware controls. Through network data and extensive APIs - which communicate with anti-malware management systems - you can see at a glance as to the coverage. Reporting via a single pane of glass means information for the “C” suite and subject matter experts (SMEs) is seamlessly interwoven. This makes security more effective, reducing errors and improving time to recover.