• 3. Inventory Security
    Ensuring you know what you have is secured

Stage 3 - Inventory Security

Hackers are constantly looking for an easy target, it only takes one un-patched server, or one PC without adequate malware protection to let a cybercriminal in.

With PC's and servers changing all the time, how do you ensure that you are not the target?

You cannot look in inside every PC or server to see which has controls applied. An automated system, where every system is categorised and cross referenced with your security controls is the only option.

Rebasoft offers many advanced options for inventory security:

  1. Live tracking of all connected systems
  2. Real-time evaluation of each device (without the hassle of needing to install software agents)
  3. Detailed collections; including:
    • Installed applications
    • Running processes
    • Network services
    • Patches & security updates
    • Underlying hardware
    • Performance metrics
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  • Identify gaps in security control coverage
  • Quickly identify and deal with rogue devices
  • Protect any kind of system without expensive software agents

How it works:

Rebasoft's extensive capabilities allow it to work with your other security controls to see if it is secured. We:

  1. Query for and store required information
  2. Cross-reference with your security controls (such as Anti-Virus, Vulnerability scanning tools)
  3. Report on and alert on gaps
  4. Provide mechanisms to instruct controls to remediate gaps