Integrating NetOps / SecOps

Successful enterprise IT relies on teams working efficiently together

Better team-working between NOC and SOC can minimise the impact of both performance and security issues. This simply because the two disciplines are so inextricably intertwined. Security issues within the network can easily cause performance problems, and performance issues and network inefficiencies can provide a point of ingress for security vulnerabilities. If your NOC and SOC only work together periodically or communicate inefficiently, cyber threats and performance issues will likely be apparent.

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What Are NetOps & SecOps?


Successful operations relies on two very crucial pillars of expertise: NetOps and SecOps. These terms refer to the Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Security Operations Centre (SOC) respectively.

NetOps/NOC responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the Network’s Overall Wellbeing
  • Optimising the Network for Best Performance
  • Firewall Deployment and Management
  • Deployment of Software, Patches, and Updates
  • Management of Data Access, Encryption, and Backups
  • Managing delivery of Email, VoIP, and Video Conferencing

SecOps/SOC responsibilities include:
  • Antimalware policy
  • Firewall policy
  • Behaviour and Traffic anomaly detection
  • Cyber Risk Assessment, Remediation, and Management
  • Vulnerability and Penetration Testing
  • Policy Enforcement and Compliance
  • Threat Detection and Incident Response

NOC and SOC functions are often provided by Managed Service Providers (MSPs), though some medium to large organisations prefer to keep these services in-house.


Integrating NetOps / SecOps

Why NetOps & SecOps Integration is Essential

If your NOC and SOC teams aren’t functioning as a cohesive whole, you leave your network open to downtime, productivity loss, slow technical support, data breaches, and a whole host of cyber issues. When things do go wrong, the two teams may even blame each other for the resulting mess!

Generic IT standards like ITIL, NIST, and ISO27001 can help to close this gap. However, collaboration between NetOps and SecOps can still be problematic. There are currently no established, industry-wide best practices or processes intended to bring the two silos together.

NOC and SOC technicians often rely on wildly differing tools and processes that are strongly tied to the divided responsibilities listed above. Investing in tools that will help to holistically administer network functionality and security can be a powerful first step towards uniting NetOps and SecOps once and for all.

How Rebasoft Integrates NetOps, SecOps, and More

To create cohesive teams, you need cohesive tools. Rebasoft is designed to give all IT teams – not just NOC and SOC – up-to-the-minute insight into your network’s functions. Rebasoft acts as a total, empirical source of network data, arming all technical personnel with the same, up-to-the-minute view of your entire infrastructure. Our software works on the principle that taking a real-time, bird’s-eye view of everything going on within your network is the best way to keep it operational and secure. Rather than relying on periodic or partial scans of the network, it maintains a constant view of all devices, infrastructure, and traffic patterns.

Our software handles a number of crucial NetOps and SecOps activities with ease. cataloguing all connected devices in real time, including PCs, IoT systems, switches, routers, EPOS devices, firewalls, and more. Rebasoft can also cast light on long-forgotten hardware and shadow IT that may present roadblocks to network
security and efficiency. 

It also provides robust edge and endpoint monitoring capabilities which can automatically detect, flag, and halt suspicious network activity; making it easy to uphold network-wide security policies without having to manually monitor devices and traffic.

New, unauthorised network hardware could easily be used as a point of ingress for hackers. Rebasoft can immediately port-block any untrusted hardware, effectively quarantining it until a technician can investigate. Alternatively, a specific endpoint may be causing activity spikes across the
network or transmitting large amounts of outbound data; these could be indicative of malware propagation and data breaches respectively. Similarly, Rebasoft can shut down port activity to any devices acting suspiciously, stemming the flow of malware or data leaks. 

Rebasoft also logs antivirus coverage across your entire network, tracking installs and definition pattern 

deployment. It also helps to monitor and defend systems like IoT devices that can’t run traditional antivirus controls.
We’ve designed Rebasoft with simplicity and cost efficiency in mind. Our software is provided as a single, complete package which enables companies of all sizes to create secure and effective networks. Rebasoft doesn’t rely on multiple licenses or devoted servers that you have to maintain,
making it affordable and efficient.
Rebasoft gathers its telemetry data from the network itself through commonly used, enterprise-level protocols.

Therefore, there’s no need to maintain individual monitoring clients, or worry about throttling network speed or flexibility. With this simple, lightweight solution, IT teams, analysts, and
executives can work towards continuous network improvement.    

Rebasoft’s Core Benefits to NOC, SOC, and Other Technical Personnel

1. Helps NetOps, SecOps, and other previously siloed IT operations to work in tandem.

2. Offers continuous, near-instant discovery and cataloguing of all networked hardware, regardless of what it is or where it is on the network.

3. Provides a top-down, real-time view of your network, enabling zero-day reaction to malware threats, hacking attempts, shadow IT, and other potential cyber risks.

4. Enables automation of policies and scripting for consistent, accurate compliance.

5. Automatically monitors anti-malware coverage and virus pattern deployment network-wide.

6. Relies on network-wide protocols rather than individual software agents, resulting in 360- degree network visibility.

7. Applicable to numerous practical use cases, including network access control, asset management, cost savings, malware resilience, hack detection, and more.

8. Empowers everyone from first line support teams to C-Suite executives to make meaningful decisions with accurate, real-time data.

9. Flexible and scalable network access and security platform with the ability to monitor 100 to 100,000+ endpoints.

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