• 1. Network Security
    Live tracking & policing all connections

Stage 1 - Network Security

It is impossible for humans to understand even the smallest network without help. Gone are the days when staff can trace cables to find out what is on the end of it. The only true source of understanding what is connected to the network is to ask the network itself.

Fortunately this is easy with today's enterprise class networks. They maintain detailed information of every connected device to ensure it gets the best service from the network. For instance phones need a different service from PC's

Rebasoft taps into this ready made source of information; securely harvesting data and processing it for you so you can understand what is happening. Any important events are notified so you don't need to sit in front of the system all day.

Rebasoft collects data to help understand your network and what is connected to it:

  1. Discovers every network device you have
  2. Analyses:
    • Hardware details
    • Operating system version
    • Utilisation
  3. Tracks & remembers every connection to the network in real-time
  4. Monitors routes and route propagation to prevent injection attacks
  5. Polices administrative access to ensure it is secure
  6. And much more ...

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Key benefits:

  • 100% up-to-date, accurate information about your network
  • Ensuring access is secure and default credentials are reset to stop hackers gaining access to your network infrastructure
  • Simple, clear presentation of information so even non-network engineers can understand what is happening (of course freeing your network engineers for more advanced technical tasks)
  • Automated alerting to ensure important items are notified
  • Automated scripting for error-free, every day maintenance & reactive tasks that might be needed
  • Keep control and prevent shadow IT

How it works:

Rebasoft derives information from the network using readily available telemetry. Most modern, enterprise network equipment has the information needed to help make your business more secure. We:

  1. Discover your network, learning its details
  2. Get your network to inform us about every connected system as it connects & disconnects
  3. If available, send information on communications between every system on your network
  4. Provide information on changes to critical settings