• Network Security
    Ensuring your network is secure

Network Security Control Area

Securing the network from compromise is a key aspect of Cybersecurity defence and part of ISO27001/NIST security frameworks. Rebasoft delivers extensive capabilities to support processes in the Network Security Control Area, reducing risk and cost.

Network security is a foundational control area that supports downstream controls. Traditional network security controls are point products which may leave infrastructures vulnerable to gaps.

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Key questions:

  • Can I be sure that my assets are connecting to the network via known & authorised switches?
  • Can I be sure I’m seeing the full extent of my network and all devices connecting to it?
  • Can I automatically remediate rogue systems?
  • How do I find rogue WiFi access points?

Rebasoft derives information from the network and is network aware. This means that coverage and anomalies can be easily uncovered. Reporting and remediation from the same, single pane of glass means information for the “C” suite and subject matter experts (SMEs) is seamlessly interwoven. This makes security more effective, reducing errors and improving time to recover.