Rebasofts / 4-Step Approach

Implementing Cybersecurity can be complex, especially if
you are bringing together multiple toolsets. Rebasoft's
all-in-one system allows you to take this one easy step at a time:

  1. Cybersecurity starts with a secure network. Rebasoft
    offers extensive capabilites out of the box
  2. Securing your perimeter ensures your network, data and services are secure and no unauthorised access is allowed
  3. Cybersecurity is only as strong as its weakest device.
    It only takes one PC with out-of-date malware controls or critical vulnerability Rebasoft's secure asset management reduces the gaps
  4. Constant behaviour monitoring is essential; checking for unusual patterns and traffic to detect and prevent breaches.

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Step / 1

Network Security

Security Starts with a Complete Picture of Your Network
As companies grow, so does their IT infrastructure. With the increasing reliance on WiFi and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture, the days when technicians could trace network cables to root out the cause of a problem are long gone. But hope is not lost - we can always “ask” the network itself. Thanks to modern, enterprise-class network protocols, it’s easy to piece together a detailed picture of an
entire network - along with a thorough inventory of each and every device connected to it.  

Rebasoft collates this data into a live, up-to-the-minute, and easy to understand report of your network’s entire ecosystem. It discovers every single device that’s attached to your network as it connects and disconnects, establishing a picture of each device’s hardware capabilities, the software it has installed, and how it connects to the wider network.
Endpoints like user PCs, internet-enabled printers, and networked EPOS machines are arguably the most
vulnerable part of any network as they tend to be the places where malware and hacking attempts creep in. But with Rebasoft, no traffic, devices, or areas of the network ever go unsupervised.

Our software discovers all existing connections, continually monitors for unauthorised changes, and tracks every connection in real-time - policing route propagation and administrative access. It can even tell you where default login credentials are being used on critical network hardware to deter hacking attempts.


Step / 2

Perimeter Security

It’s now easier than ever to get your hands-on inexpensive network hardware. It’s remarkably easy for a member of staff to add a cheap router, switch, or WiFi access point to your network - whether they have altruistic intentions or not.
Firewalls are essential, but they can’t protect against new, unauthorised devices being added to the network without your say so. And without the right protections in place, a potentially open connection like a WiFi access point can leave the door open for cybercriminals to access your network and wreak havoc.

So not only do you need total control of the endpoint hardware that connects to your network, you also
need to control the infrastructure hardware that holds the network together.

Step 2 builds on the foundations laid out in the previous step by fully monitoring the network’s perimeter, identifying new, unauthorised network edges within moments. Rebasoft can automatically switch off port activity to suspicious hardware straight away, enabling a technician to manually approve or deny its access to your network.

Rebasoft authorises and verifies all interconnections between switches, routers, and firewalls in real time,
fortifying the network’s internal structure whilst also drawing a distinct boundary around your network. It then effectively “patrols” this network perimeter, shining a spotlight on all of the network’s endpoints and edges, so your engineers can immediately query any suspicious hardware or traffic - anywhere on the network - in real time.

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Step / 3

Asset Security

It’s a fact - a network is only as protected as its weakest device. Cybercriminals are always on the lookout
for an easy way into a network; it only takes one PC with out of date malware controls or one unpatched
server to let hackers or ransomware in. But individually looking at each device’s patch history is virtually impossible on larger networks - especially those that span multiple sites. And manually keeping an eye out for new network hardware is just as difficult. The only way to ensure near total security is by automatically cataloguing all hardware that connects to
your network and recording each device’s malware protection coverage.

Rebasoft can provide a surprising amount of detail about each and every device connected to your network.
At any given time, your technicians can review any device’s installed applications, running processes, network connectivity, security coverage, installed hardware, and performance data; all without having to install separate monitoring software on each PC.

Rebasoft collates this data into easily understandable reports so your engineers can easily assess antivirus and patch coverage across your entire network, allowing them to rectify any devices with inadequate security controls in place. In the case of IoT devices which may not be able to run antivirus software, Rebasoft helps to vigilantly monitor their behaviour and traffic patterns to make sure that nothing suspicious is taking place.


Step / 4

Behaviour Security

Constant hardware monitoring is essential, but
hardware will only ever represent part of your whole
network security picture. To be fully aware of what’s
going on within your network, you also need to keep
an eye on how data flows around within it. Cybersecurity incidents usually cause noticeable traffic patterns that traditional security controls simply can’t pick up. However, Rebasoft constantly monitors all of your network activity in real time, establishing an in-depth profile of how traffic typically flows in, around, and out of your network. This allows the platform to easily identify when something
suspicious may be occurring.

If a large amount of data is being transmitted from a single endpoint on your network, it could mean you have a data breach on your hands - potentially resulting in regulatory scrutiny under GDPR. However, with the right policies in place, Rebasoft can automatically shut off all network access to any devices behaving suspiciously, minimising the damage done and giving you time to respond.

Unusual traffic patterns can also occur when malware is trying to spread throughout your network. If Rebasoft detects any kind of suspicious activity moving east-to-west across your network infrastructure, it can automatically quarantine any affected devices so an engineer can investigate promptly. There may also be instances where users try to hide their activity using VPNs or TOR. Rebasoft can identify any such obfuscated network activity, ensuring that everyone using your network is only doing so in a way that’s totally transparent and under your control.

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