• 2. Perimeter Security
    Stop hackers bypassing security measures

Stage 2 - Perimeter Security

The low cost of network technology means it is easy to acquire. If someone plugs it into your network anyone could get in - bypassing your expensive security controls.

You need to control who accesses your network. This means ensuring they only connect via equipment that you control.

Rebasoft allows you identify any unauthorised network equipment, securing the perimeter of your network. It automatically knows about connections between network devices it is managing.

It can also allow you to police 3rd party access
(for example, a supplier is monitoring your building via a secure remote connection)

Rebasoft's edge detection allows you to:

  1. Discover and authorise all interconnections between switches, routers, and firewalls
  2. Detect any new network equipment
  3. Identify any unknown/unauthorised equipment
  4. Ensure 3rd party connections only accessed authorised systems

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Key benefits:

  • Fully secure your network perimeter
  • Fast identification of new edges - such as rogue WiFi access points
  • Automated alerting to ensure you are notified immediately an unauthorised edge is detected
  • Automated response to remove unauthorised, rogue WiFi systems, reducing the time you may be exposed to threats
  • Keep control and prevent shadow IT
  • Police 3rd party access through your VPN's

How it works:

Rebasoft derives information from the network using readily available telemetry. Most modern, enterprise network equipment has the information needed to help make your business more secure. We:

  1. Discover your network, learning its details
  2. Classify and authorise edge connections between known network equipment
  3. Fast, easy to understand workflow for your to confirm unknown edges
  4. Automated tracking of any changes to the network edge