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Secure Operations

Remediation and recovery as a result of security vulnerability, compliance issue, or breach is a critical element within ISO27001/NIST security frameworks. Rebasoft delivers extensive capabilities to support remediation processes in the IT Operations Control Area, reducing risk and cost. Rebasoft bridges the gaps left by traditional operational tools which are often siloed and single purposed.

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Key questions:

  • How do I ensure all remediation activity has been completed and is effective?
  • How can I meet remediation SLAs with the limited resources I have?
  • How can I ensure operational changes do not introduce further security problems?

From detection of a security issue through to, where possible, the direct remediation, Rebasoft can provide metrics and coverage data and automated controls. This allows SMEs to work more effectively and quickly reducing errors and time to recover.

Of course, not all remediation is possible through automated means; for example OS upgrade due to end of support or vulnerability. Rebasoft can support these processes within one or more of our three Control Families: