• Asset coverage and security
    Ensuring all assets are adequately secured

Asset coverage and security

Identifying business importance of every system and application in the infrastructure is key to ensuring security controls are implemented. Using the network as an always on discovery mechanism, Rebasoft ensures complete coverage of assets that traditional ITAM/ISAM systems struggle with.

This helps in eliminating gaps, reducing risk, and lowering costs.

Asset security

Key questions:

  • Do I need to install software on my PCs in order to find all my assets?
  • How can I ensure I do not miss any systems - even if they’re in remote locations?
  • Can I find my SCADA and control systems?
  • Can it find Internet of Things (IoT) devices?

Rebasoft Knowledge™ is a powerful way of finding all your assets (network, end-points and applications) in order for a security assessment to be made. Network discovery reduces the load on the network making it possible to provide continuous coverage.

First the network switches, routers, and its perimeter is found to create a discovery domain. Rebasoft then gets to work finding all the systems connected with the discovery domain, using the network to keep the information up-to-date in real-time.

A flexible understanding of the discovered systems is calculated to ensure a full understanding of the system, its role and purpose in the business. Information can be shared or obtained from other systems in order to quickly spot any gaps in security controls. This information can also be used to help keep CMDB and asset management systems updated.

Metrics based on accurate discovery can then be used by the “C suite” and security Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to prioritise remediation activities.

Rebasoft scales from hundreds, to hundreds of thousands of end points protected.

Asset security

Network discovery finds systems that are often missed by traditional scanning discovery