• Network Access Control
    Automated breach prevention

Network Access Control (NAC)

Remediation of non-compliant network devices requires a range of options: From simple logging, through to full port blocking. Reasons why a device might be non-compliant vary hugely based upon internal and external factors. Rebasoft’s flexible approach delivers the option for low cost, easy to operate NAC whatever the non-compliance reason.

NAC Dashboard

Key questions:

  • Can I decide which locations should have NAC configured?
  • How can I ensure that after connection, devices still comply with my security policy?
  • Can I deploy NAC without needing to install software on all my workstations?
  • Can I operate NAC without needing a large, skilled team of engineers?

Rebasoft delivers full NAC coverage via Rebasoft Knowledge™ - the most effective way of discovering and classifying all systems connecting to the network. Location based deployment makes delivers flexible, granular deployment options. Powerful APIs work hand-in-glove with your existing security controls to ensure, say, anti-malware, and other controls are applied to ensure conformance.

NAC delivered without the need to install software or configure supplicant settings on PCs means faster deployment at a lower cost. This, in turn, ensures wide coverage of the whole infrastructure reducing gaps & improving cybersecurity safety.

Native Malware and hack detection facilities allow systems to be monitored after connection providing security for not only PCs, but servers, printers, and systems that
make up the “Internet of Things” like SCADA and building management systems.

Rebasoft’s network awareness can protect against threats that enter via “trusted” third-party networks and remote teleworkers. Full, detailed analytics are available for security professionals to analyse and review breaches, to identify and remediate vulnerabilities, and automatically roll-up data for reporting and decision making in the “C suite.”

Rebasoft scales from hundreds, to hundreds of thousands of end points protected.