• Behaviour Monitoring with NetFlow
    Single Point of NetFlow Truth

Behaviour monitoring with NetFlow

The days of pure NetFlow reporting systems have gone. Rebasoft’s contextual, behaviour monitoring is a next-generation approach that combines NetFlow with end-point discovery and classification.

This removes the need for guesswork and heuristics to figure out the good from bad, and eliminates, at a stroke, the multiple systems needed for troubleshooting.

Unified device & flow view

Key questions:

  • How do we use NetFlow to track malware infections?
  • Can we use NetFlow to see who is consuming bandwidth?
  • Can I drill down from a device to the full, detailed NetFlow information I need for troubleshooting?
  • Can I configure reports by location and by user role?

Rebasoft Knowledge™ delivers a deep insight into every type of system connected to the network and its behaviour. This is a new capability for NetFlow analysis systems that spans both operational and security use cases, thus reducing cost. By providing knowledge of the end systems (and network devices involved), Rebasoft can be used for:

  • Security monitoring
  • Malware detection (and spread prevention)
  • Critical device protection
  • Deep-dive troubleshooting
  • Automated and flexible alerting
  • Sharing information through open, flexible APIs
  • Building base-lines, capacity planning and migration support

Rebasoft’s achieves all this without the expense of installing software agents on PCs & servers or expensive hardware to collect traffic data in the network.

Rebasoft’s multi-tenanted deployment options (physical or virtual appliances) offer scalable options for both enterprises, and service providers. Inbuilt segregation of duties delivers a single system for security and operations teams, managers, and subject matter experts alike.