• Operating System Migration
    Migrate what you can, protect what you can’t

OS Migration with Rebasoft

Remediation of non-supported or end-of-life OS instances is a higher priority as a result of recent, high profile ransomeware incidents, such as Wannacry. Rebasoft supports OS migrations through full inventory of eligible systems, and options to monitor and protect what cannot be upgraded.

Inventory detail report

Key questions:

  • How do I ensure all eligible systems are upgraded?
  • What do I do about embedded applications that cannot be migrated?
  • How can I track progress?

Rebasoft helps OS migration projects in two key ways:

  1. Rebasoft Knowledge™ is an effective way of discovering and classifying all candidate systems. Unlike manual, or domain-only methods, Rebasoft discovers all vulnerable systems and assesses them for upgrade eligibility. Traditional asset tools either require software installation, or rely on regular scanning which can miss systems. Malware only requires one unprotected system to gain a foothold.
    Rebasoft avoids this by:
    • Forming a reliable, accurate, always-on, unique, Golden Source of inventory state
    • Eliminating manual processes
    • Finding those unknown or forgotten, vulnerable systems
  2. Malware and hack detection facilities allow systems to be monitored during migration and provides vital protection for systems that cannot be migrated due to technical or economic reasons

Rebasoft achieves all this without expensive equipment needed to probe the network, or installing software agents on PCs & servers to collect data. It can be applied to Windows, MAC, and Linux systems, whether PCs, Servers, or embedded devices, such as EPOS systems.